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  • astonishingx:

Nightcrawler by Chris Stevens
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  • this is my favourite movie of all time and i did not know this hhmmmmm

    Me either! Kill Bill is one of my favorites too. It’s cool that you can continue to learn new things about your favorite movies

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  • yasgawd:

    replied to your
    “boxers, boxer briefs or briefs?”
    ideally? none lol but boxer briefs


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  • worldfam0us:

Jaguar | WF
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  • I still write poetry, but it’s always only a few lines that I never finish. Consistency would be great

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  • I keep getting “Video failed to load” error whenever I try to watch some videos. It’s completely random too, some will work, some won’t.

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  • godth:

    You are like sand

    You can be warm and soft

    Or cold and hard

    And like sand you are composed of many parts.

    Each beautiful when magnified and separated.

    Like sand, when I hold you, you slip solemnly through my fingers

    Silent. Leaving only the sound of yourself hitting the floor

    I find myself covered in you, like sand

    I taste you on my tongue. Feel you in between my teeth.

    And yet like sand. You are so much and I am just a boy on a beach letting the waves bring you and take you without a fight.

    (via godth)

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  • adumbrant:

Immediately what I saw when I was scrolling
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